Why Your Car Accident Injury Claim Could be Delayed


If you have been hurt in a car accident in Colorado Springs, you want to file an injury claim to get the compensation you need for your injuries. Although the claims process can be settled quickly if you accept the insurance company’s first offer, an experienced car accident lawyer colorado springs will advise you against this. The majority of insurance companies will find a quick way to settle the claim by making a lowball offer. By working with an attorney, you are protected against any tactics that an insurance company may use to deny or delay claims. If your claim does not move forward, your lawyer could help push the process along faster. They can set up your claim correctly by helping you offer the necessary information. This post walks you through the common reasons your injury claim could be delayed:

You Are Recovering from Your Accident Injury

Accepting a quick lowball offer from the insurance company could leave you without something to use when your injury worsens over time or you suffer delayed injuries. Some injuries could take longer to reach a maximum medical improvement and your doctor may declare your injury is stable and won’t improve further. You must wait until your condition has stabilized to make sure your medical expenses are accounted for. Should you need physical therapy in the future, your attorney can calculate these costs to factor them into your claim. 

There are Legal and Factual Issues

Your insurance claim can get delayed where there is a dispute about liability for the injury, the damage amount, and your claim’s overall financial value. If proving liability is difficult, the insurance company may refuse to offer a reasonable amount of compensation to cover the full extent of damages. Your attorney will help you offer extra evidence or hire an expert witness to conduct further examinations of what caused your injury. 

Your Claim Involves Significant Amounts of Damages

Insurance companies may delay your claim if it requires significant payouts. They will use different tactics and explore all possible options to try to avoid paying as much amount.

The majority of injury claims could be processed within a few months while others could take more than one year. If you settle quickly, you might miss out on significant compensation. But, if you don’t accept the offer of the insurance company, you may have to file a lawsuit, which can be lengthy and require more patience.