Why reach out to a dental attorney?

Running a dental practice or a chain of dental establishments is not an easy one. It is different from running any other healthcare practice. As a dentist, while growing your dental practice, it is evident that you will come across many legal hurdles. To overcome such challenges, it is recommended to hire a dental attorney. Dental attorneys help you protect your dental practice. Along with compliance, they also help you with disputes, litigation issues with patients, stakeholders, etc. Anaheim Dental Attorney will be extremely helpful if you are planning to expand your chain of clinics or planning to merge with another dental practice. 

As a dentist, you should reach out to a dental attorney due to the following reasons:-

Protect your brand name: A dental attorney will help you protect your brand name by giving you expert advice on what type of contracts you should pursue and which intellectual property (IP) rights will suit your needs. The right IP protection will ensure that your brand name and business are protected, along with the name of the business and trade secrets. The attorney will also advise you whether your contracts should include non-compete and non-disclosure provisions to prevent business partners and employees from revealing any sensitive information. 

Employment issues: When running a dental practice, you have multiple people working for you in the clinic. In such scenarios, employment issues are inevitable. Having a dental attorney by your side will be extremely helpful. They will assist you in complying with the existing state and federal employment laws. They will also ensure that you follow the new and amended laws on pay equity, employee leave benefits, wage, working hours, etc. They will also help you in issues involving wrongful termination claims, harassment issues, wage disputes, etc. 

Dental industry experience: A seasoned dental attorney has in-depth knowledge of the dental industry. They are adept at creating and negotiating dental partnership agreements, dental office leases, non-compete provisions, employment contracts, vendor contracts, buy-in/buy-out agreements, etc. 

Selling or dissolution of practice: If you are planning to retire and sell your dental practice, a dental attorney will help sort it out on your behalf. They will obtain accurate valuations of your dental practice and help you exit the practice by selling your clinic to another partner at the right amount. 

A dental attorney will always protect your interests and fight for your practice. The insight and guidance of an expert dental attorney will be highly beneficial for your practice. They will navigate you through all legal troubles so that you can run your clinic effectively and concentrate on your patients.