Information About a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Located in Savannah, this firm defends clients against a variety of criminal charges. It handles cases involving felonies and misdemeanors, such as aggravated assault, domestic violence, and DUI. It also fights for the rights of minors in juvenile court.

She has extensive experience on both sides of the legal system. She zealously advocates for her clients, taking on the police and prosecutors in court.

What is a criminal defense lawyer?

A Savannah criminal lawyer defends people charged with crimes, either misdemeanors or felonies. They work in the best interest of their clients and strive to get them the lowest possible sentence in their case.

They start by meeting with their clients to discuss the charges against them. They also review the evidence that has been submitted by the prosecution. Afterward, they begin to build a strong defense on their client’s behalf.

They may fight for their clients to have all charges dismissed or dropped. However, if there is sufficient evidence that their client is guilty of the crime, they will try to lower their penalty. This could include reducing the length of their probation or jail time. They also help their clients understand the potential life-changing consequences that a conviction would have on their personal and professional lives. They also provide advice regarding restitution payments, if applicable in their cases. Moreover, they ensure their clients are up-to-date with new developments in their case by frequently communicating with them.

How do I find a criminal defense lawyer?

A Savannah criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate your case from start to finish. They will help you understand your rights, and they can fight for a fair deal from the prosecution. The attorney will also be able to tell you if your charge is justified or not, based on the evidence and circumstances of your case.

A criminal record can hinder your professional career, so it is crucial to hire a legal team as soon as you get arrested. During the initial interaction with police, it is best to remain silent and do not say anything that can be used against you in court.

The Ozer Law Firm, LLC is a Savannah law firm that defends people against felony and misdemeanor crimes in state and federal courts. The attorneys at this firm have experience handling cases involving drug offenses, armed robbery, theft, domestic violence, and white-collar crime. They stay up-to-date with legal code changes in order to build strong defenses for their clients.

What are my rights as a criminal defendant?

Defendants have the right to be represented by an attorney during all legal proceedings, including the trial. They can also ask the court for a continuance or dismissal of their case. However, they must make the request at least 10 days before their next court date.

The Ozer Law Firm represents Savannah criminal defendants with misdemeanors and felonies charges, including armed robbery, domestic violence, drug offenses, theft, and white-collar crimes. Its lawyers use their knowledge of local prosecuting attorneys and the Georgia laws to build a strong defense.

Its attorneys can help their clients obtain a reduction in their penalties. They can argue that the prosecution failed to meet the standard of proof, or that evidence collected was illegally obtained. For example, they can challenge whether a breathalyzer device was properly calibrated. They can also argue that the victim was harmed as a result of the crime, requiring restitution. In some cases, a Savannah criminal attorney can get the penalty lowered even if the defendant is found guilty.

How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost?

Many attorneys charge a flat fee, meaning they will bill you a single amount upfront that they will use to cover expenses related to your case. This can include filing fees, investigator fees, expert witness fees and more. Some attorneys also offer payment plans to help clients afford their services.

Criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life, regardless of whether they are a misdemeanor or felony. A Savannah criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

The Constitution guarantees you the right to counsel in criminal cases, but if you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for you. The state’s legal aid offices may be able to provide free or low-cost defense for those who qualify based on income eligibility guidelines. The court can also appoint private attorneys for those who are unable to afford the services of a public defender.