Important Things to Know About What Family and Immigration Lawyers Do

family immigration lawyerWe can’t deny the fact that foreign nationalities migrated to different parts of the United States for various reasons. Some of them are entrepreneurs or overseas workers, while others come for holidays and to visit relatives. It was tough for some citizens to acquire their visas from the embassy because of strict requirements and processing.

But if you have family members who are already citizens in the United States, then migration isn’t a big problem. However, you should be aware of the government policies because laws may be different in other countries. Your relatives may have walked through the same path before they came to California, but rules are always changing.

That’s why processing your visa may take some time, especially for first-timers since they’ll have to ask people about the procedures. But sometimes, not everything that our acquaintances tell us is from reliable sources of information. Therefore, it’s best to consult an attorney with Immigration and Family Law in Sherman Oaks expertise for consistency of details.

What’s a Family-Based Petition?

Citizens of the United States or lawful permanent residents can petition a family member for migration. Let’s assume that you’re going to sponsor through an immediate relative or family preference petition immigration.

Don’t forget that you must have a primary residence when petitioning a relative. You will apply for a visa through the Department of Homeland Security. Once approved, you’ll be entitled to obtain a green card.

By the way, visas for your offspring, siblings, parents, or spouses are limited and you’ll be listed and prioritized based on relationships. If they’re overseas, then they must wait for the National Visa Center’s instructions.

Why and when do we need lawyers?

As foreign nationals who migrated to Sherman Oaks, California, we might not be aware of the immigration law in this county. Of course, we’ll need professionals who can guide and help us understand the process. That’s certainly the primary reason why we must hire an attorney who specializes in this area.

We need them as legal representatives, especially when we’re in a situation that requires their presence. Thus, here are a few things that they can do to help in various situations.

  1. New in the County

Pretty sure that you’re excited to visit different landmarks in the city and complete your bucket list of activities – see for more info.  That’s usually our first goal since we just arrived in town and we’d love to explore the place. But as new immigrants, we should learn about the laws first, as well as, civil rights through an attorney.

He’ll help in educating us, especially when the authorities question us. If we come for employment, then our lawyer will discuss how our employers must treat us. Through consultations, you’ll be guided on how you can live lawfully and petition your family in the future.

Don’t forget that you can petition your immediate family members if you’re approved for US citizenship. Therefore, you’ll require a lawyer to guide you in preparing documents for their immigration visas.

  1. Visa or Citizenship Application

It would be difficult to process visas and citizenships, especially when it’s our first time. Pretty sure that it would be tough to prepare the documents required, too. Thus, we need some help here.

Do you know that our lawyers can walk us through our applications? Since they’re aware of the process, they can go over your requirements and ensure that there’s no error. In this way, there won’t be a delay in paperwork and processing will go smoothly.

All questions can be answered so that you’ll understand what’s going on in your paper. This means that they’ll help you out with any misunderstandings regarding your requirements. There’d be interviews as well, thus, they’ll guarantee that you’ll be guided.

  1. Longer Waiting Time

Let’s assume that your application was already submitted. Therefore, we have to wait for a notice of interview or approval. However, you’d surely feel bothered when you’re waiting time is taking longer.

Sometimes, you might even feel that your green card or citizenship was denied. Keep in mind that your lawyer can make a follow-up on your application’s status. Doing this will allow him to determine the reason for delays.

With his expertise in this field, he’d assist you in finding solutions if there are problems. So rest assured that he’ll do his best for you or your relative’s immigration approval.

  1. Deportation

This is a situation where the authorities will deport you, thus, you’ll go back to your country of origin. It’s not easy to find reasons why officers will be deporting you. Thus, you need an attorney to help sort things out.

He will identify the specific reasons for deportation and institute a justification against it. They’re experts in this law and it’s their jurisdiction, so he’ll represent you in court – go here for further reading.

  1. Terminated Marriages to US Citizens

Let’s say that you’re married to a US citizen but the relationship already ended. So this marriage could have been terminated through divorce or separation. However, this situation troubles your permanent residence which could be removed.

Through a professional’s help, you can prove in court that your marriage isn’t fake. He’ll also assist you in claiming your rights as a resident.

Permanent Residence Application and Denial

When you have trouble applying for permanent residency, your lawyer can be of assistance. He’ll determine your eligibility, ensure the paperwork is set, and get you ready for a USCIS consultation.

If you were denied, he’ll surely deal with the appeal. So he needs to find out the reasons why it was disapproved. This will be rectified so you won’t have to face the same mistakes.

Hiring Foreign Nationals

Companies in the United States are allowed to hire employees from different countries. In this case, their immediate family members may also migrate with them.

The attorney will prepare the petition papers and certifications required. Since this involves overseas employment, the employer will have to be familiarized with the law and rights of his employees.

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