How to Hire a Good Solicitor

 If you are contemplating hiring legal representation, chances are you have an issue that may be causing you additional stress and you need to get it resolved, promptly. Whether it is due to medical negligence or a work-related accident, a good solicitor should make things easier and reduce the level of stress you are currently experiencing.

These 5 questions will help you find a competent solicitor worth hiring. 

Have they taken the time to review your case?

Some solicitors will agree to work on your claim before even asking any questions, for example, if you’ve suffered an accident due to medical negligence, a high-quality solicitor will ask you numerous questions about the incident before agreeing to take your case. Not every claim that goes to court results in compensation, and a good solicitor will know whether you have a winnable case. You want to hire someone who completely understands your circumstance before they even consider working with you.

Are they using too much legal jargon?

A good solicitor should be able to explain your case in plain English and not keep reverting to legal jargon to discuss your situation, you are not a law graduate, so any solicitor who keeps using legal language should be avoided. It takes years to understand all the terms and the language used in law, so a solicitor should never expect anyone outside of their industry to easily understand it.

How often will they keep you updated on your case?

You should keep in direct contact with your solicitor to ensure you are kept updated and hear of any changes to your case. Before you decide on a solicitor make it clear to them that you want to know exactly what is happening with your claim and you won’t settle for long gaps in between communication.

Are they truly concerned about my case?

Some cases are extremely sensitive and require a solicitor who is not only a quality operator, but a person who takes some time to understand what their clients are going through. If you’ve experienced an emotional incident and require an individual who can deal with your case in an appropriate manner, JWP solicitors have several exceptional legal advisors on hand to help deal with unique situations. Sensitive cases must be handled with care, so if you’ve experienced an accident around the Yorkshire area, don’t hesitate to call experienced firms like JWP.

How much will the process cost?

When it comes to legal matters, it can be difficult to put a time frame on any case, every claim is uniquely different so trying to use case comparisons just won’t work. Knowing this, it can be challenging to figure out just how much it will cost, but a professional solicitor should be able to give you an accurate figure.

Contact your local solicitors and make an enquiry about legal representation, ask a number of important questions and make sure you hire the most competent, knowledgeable solicitor for your case. A good solicitor should make the entire process seem easy while guiding you through each procedure.