How to Find a Job as a Lawyer

Every law student is excited to graduate from law school. They are usually fresh, full of fire, and ready to take on the world. However, they need to find a job working for a law firm before they can do so and in the competitive world of law this is not as easy as it sounds. Even lawyers from the top law schools can have trouble finding a job, so if you are a fresh graduate you might be wondering how to find a job and start your career. The good news is that there are a few proactive steps you can take to get into the courtroom just a bit faster.

To start, you need to learn how to network. Networking is the key to finding a job in many cases and down the line may be the key to advancing in your career. In the legal world who you know is very important, so you need to make sure that you start getting to know the right players. Joining a professional law organization in your town and attending meetings or mixers is a great way to start aligning yourself with the right people. Network with people that are not in law as well, because you never know who they may know in the legal world, they can connect you with. Never be afraid to talk to a fellow business professional.


Second, you may want to think about hiring a recruitment agency or a headhunter to help you find a legal job. These agencies work very similar to the networking principle, only they have already made all of the right contacts and you simply benefit from their contacts. Agencies like Law Absolute are great for finding a legal job. They take a lot of the legwork off the table for you because they know who is accepting applications and they can help you place your application. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for a phone call.

Portrait of lawyers

Most of the time these agencies will help you place your resume in multiple offices so that you can rest assured that you will find a law job quickly instead of slowly. In fact, you may find yourself with multiple job interviews and offers allowing you to be picky instead of desperate about what job you decide to kick off your career with.

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