How a Lawyer Can Help You with a Personal Injury Settlement

Statistics indicate that the claimants of car accident rarely approach a court. In order to cut down on long-term expenses and time consuming trial, the parties involved in the car accident usually go for a mutual agreement. Personal injury means that you claim money for your injury instead of suing the other party. Of course, you can sue them and decide not to settle, that’s your call.

Personal Injury Settlement

When you are injured in an accident, there is always a second party involved, who is legally responsible for your condition. This is when you file a personal injury claim. By this claim, you can get compensation from the other party. This can help pay your medical bills and other damages.

Filing for damages

There are other associated damages, which come along with your health damage. This includes loss of pay, damage to your property, mental and emotional trauma. However, if you can take the help of a personal injury lawyer, he can help you to settle your claim in a professional way.

emotional trauma

Loss of pay is a very substantial damage, if you are working, depending on the time period required for you to heal completely.

Faster results

Decision of dragging the other party to the court can be time consuming. Therefore, it is suggested to reach a settlement and release the involved party from any further responsibility. However, it is normal that the amount will not be paid in a lump sum amount.

involved party

Demand letter – the very important draft

Here the injured party in a very earnest tone, drafts all the expenses. The expenses are mostly medical bills and loss of pay statements. However, you need to submit all the official documents along with it.

Moreover, a detailed summary of how the accident took place should also be highlighted. In this case, the injured party sets his demand a little high, than he can actually accept. This is because the opponent will always negotiate. Therefore, think before you submit your claims.

injured party

Negotiate after the initial offer

Don’t be surprised, if the opponent party offered you a low sum of money. This is because they think that you are expecting too much. This is where your lawyer can be helpful in solving your woes.

Politely decline the offer and give strong reasons. For example, it is meeting half of your expenses. Support your statement by photographs of your damaged property and your photographs after the accident. Add it up with medical prescriptions and doctor’s certificate.

low sum money

Sometimes some injuries, for example mental trauma, can be for a longer period even after you heal, so mention that as well. In this case, you need medication, which can stretch over a long time. It is advised to give a counter demand at this stage, which means give the amount that you will settle for.


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