How a Divorce Lawyer Can Assist with Divorce

Divorce lawyers can assist with many aspects of divorce besides just getting it done. Firstly, they can help with getting clear on the legal grounds for divorce, and determining whether the marriage was legally valid in the first place. Divorce lawyers can also help keep the emotion out of the equation when you go through a divorce, as well as helping you with disclosing assets for proper distribution. Continue reading to learn more.

Getting Clear on Grounds for Divorce

In different countries and states, there are different grounds for divorce, some of them due to fault of one party – such in the case of adultery, cruel treatment abuse, etc. In the case of no-fault grounds for divorce, some legislation requires that attempts to make up are made, and you cannot divorce without first separating for a period of time and showing that the partnership is not recoverable. Divorce lawyers can help by finding out if there is any point to asking the court to dissolve the marriage on grounds of fault. This may affect the amount of spousal support offered. On occasion, there maybe a defect in the marriage. This means some aspect of the paperwork or marriage process had not taken place originally. In this case, voiding or annulling the marriage may be a better option – and your divorce lawyers can guide you on this.

Getting the Emotion Out of the Equation

Emotions can be running high during a divorce, so it can be handy to have experienced divorce lawyers in your corner, helping you make the right decisions step by step. When you’re in a heightened emotional state, you can say or do the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. But when you have divorce lawyers at your side, you can prevent these bad emotional choices from blunting the chances of getting the most out of your case. Some people going through a divorce make the mistake of using their divorce lawyers as their therapists, but this is not a good idea because although they may be empathetic, divorce lawyers are not trained to deal with emotional issues. In addition, lawyers can be pricey, so it’s best to use their time for legal issues only and seek support from a counsellor or psychologist for the emotional side of things. 

Properly Disclosing Assets

Divorce lawyers must ensure that their clients properly disclose all their assets. This is particularly important in cases where one partner handled much of the financial matters, meaning the other partner may not know of the existence of some assets. Divorce lawyers can track down records and identify all assets and liabilities. When it comes to assets in property, divorce lawyers can explain how they will be treated. Some property might be shared, while other property may have been accumulated separately via a prenuptial or postnuptial arrangement.

Settlement or Court Representation

Divorce lawyers can negotiate settlements or represent you in court to resolve disputes over things like child custody or spousal support. Whichever way you choose to navigate a divorce, you can benefit from having divorce lawyers at the helm of your ship to ensure you take the right route.