Finding The Right Probate Solicitor In The UK

When someone close to you dies, it is a very emotional time in your life and at that point you do feel very vulnerable. It is times like these that you need good friends around you, but you also need a good probate solicitor as well. It is at a time like this that you are not thinking straight and you are more liable to make poor decisions when it comes to the final wishes of the person who has just died. You need to find yourself the right probate solicitor who you can trust to handle all the important things that need to be done.

Look For A Specialist

There are many facets involved in UK law and so it is crucial that you look for probate solicitors who specialise in probate law. Look for someone who has lots of experience in this area and who comes highly recommended. With the advent of the Internet, it should be quite easy to check out a particular probate solicitor and find out if they offer an exceptional service. They should be current when it comes to all the legal developments and changes in the law and so they should be able to offer the right kind of advice and it should be cost effective as well.

When To Use A Probate Solicitor

In a number of cases, you can actually handle the probate yourself if you are chosen as the executor of the will of the deceased. However, many people in the UK choose to avail themselves of the services of a probate solicitor as it is probably best for someone with the necessary experience to handle this process at a time when you are most likely grieving and may not be able to make the best decisions. The solicitor will have no emotional ties to the deceased and so will be able to do their job to the best of their abilities. This is something that they do on a regular basis and so they can deal with all the legalities involved with relative ease.

Additional Issues

Sometimes things can get a little difficult and a probate that you thought was relatively simple to enact turns out to be more detailed than you expected. The person may have died without leaving a will or the will cannot be found. It is times like this when you need an experienced probate solicitor to deal with additional issues like trust funds, a bankrupt estate, there are assets outside the UK or the value of the estate in right on the edge of the inheritance tax threshold in the UK. These are things that you can’t deal with easily and so it is best to get the expert in.

How Much Will It Cost?

This can be done on an hourly fee or as a percentage of the total value of the estate and this is usually charged at a rate ranging from one percent to five per cent and you need to remember that there will be additional charges like the probate application fee.

Don’t try to deal with legal issues when you are in mourning at the death of a dear friend or family member. Avail yourself of the services of a probate lawyer to make sure everything is as it should be.