Discover the Truth about a Bail Bonds Pearland TX Office

No one anticipates they will need to use a bail bonds office when they leave for work in the morning. Face it, if we did we would all have the cash in our hip pocket just in case we needed to use it for posting bail. But since this type of need comes up out of the blue, or perhaps in the back of a bar, then for anyone in the great town of Pearland Texas, knowing you have a bail bonds office like the Bail Bonds Pearland TX one is a relief.

Bail Bonds Pearland TX Office

The Bail Bonds Pearland TX Office Setup

The first thing you need to be aware of is that in Texas we have a statewide code of procedure for anyone who finds themselves in need of bail. There are set rules to be followed and you can be assured that in Pearland the bail bonds office will follow these. They will have experienced agents on hand who will know what the law is concerning your bail bonds and make sure that you are treated fairly within those rules and regulations.

Arrested teenager with handcuffs

What the Rules Say Regarding Bail Bonds

It is important to realize that in Texas if you are arrested you must be brought before a magistrate and have your bail set within 48 hours of the arrest. But pretrial settings for the amount of bail can change from county to county, so it is important to realize that you will want a knowledgeable bail bondsman if the need arises.

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Brazoria County and Pearland Texas

Since Pearland is within the boundaries of Brazoria County, the Pearland Texas Bail Bonds offices must follow the regulations set out for that county. This governs the arresting officer and how quickly they must serve an affidavit, how quickly the presiding judge will see the case and what bail is set. It also governs the conditions that a judge takes into account when deciding on bail, such as previous arrests and the nature of the crime.

Texas Bail Bonds offices

Helping a Loved One

If you should get that dreaded 1AM phone call from someone you love, it may mean showing up in a strange location at an odd time of night to do something you have never been asked to do before. Since most of us don’t have the cash for bail on us, it can also mean not being able to post a bond when you arrive. Know that you can make arrangements with a bail bondsman to help in these situations. Knowing the local Pearland Bail Bond Company just may be the most helpful information you can have in situations such as these.